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Student Coach

College is Stressful for Students and parents. I help Students at Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s, Holy Cross and IUSB Navigate and deal with the stressors facing every student during their college years.

Your Child will Graduate

The most common question I hear is, “Can you help get my child to graduation?” The answer is “Yes.”

I’m Dr. Cullen Hardy and my passion is working with students and assisting them during some of the most difficult and formative years of their lives. Parents often find themselves flying blind without anyone to turn to when issues arise. As a Notre Dame alum (’09), I know how stressful college can be and I know what it takes to find a balance between academic, social, and professional life.

I believe that one’s success in college depends on how one takes advantage of the many opportunities presented. Throughout a student’s years at college, the options for growth, discovery, and fulfillment are endless and I help create and implement a roadmap to success.

I help students manage their schedules, ensure class is attended and assignments are completed, find tutors when necessary, establish positive/collaborative relationships with professors and teaching assistants, monitor and process any mental or emotional distress, and I also act as a parent’s liaison.

Helping Students Figure Out What They Want and How to Get There.

“Before meeting Cullen, we were lost. Our son was experiencing a Problematic sophomore year and we had no clue how to help. Cullen stepped in mid-semester, finally gave us peace of mind, helped him graduate, and find a path that excites him! Our son haS a sense of inner peace and confidence we hadn’t seen in years! we are eternallY grateful.”

Throughout my undergraduate years at Notre Dame and during graduate school in New Hampshire where I received a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, I realized my passion was in helping students have successful academic careers. Watching students I work with graduate with a sense of fulfillment, peace of mind, confidence and direction is my greatest joy.

Why Hire a College Coach?

College is full of unforeseen difficulties and challenges. Having a local professional who knows how to navigate this difficult landscape will help your child succeed, give you peace of mind, and enhance the college experience for all involved in unimaginable ways.

I Can Be Your Eyes and Ears

to all parents.

There are few feelings worse than knowing your child is struggling and having no idea how to help them from a thousand miles away. I meet with students weekly to assist with every aspect of their college experience. This includes making sure assignments are completed, exams are prepared for, mental health difficulties are taken care of, and a fulfilling college experience is had. When I begin working with a student I start immediately to create a manageable schedule, implement strategies that lead to successful time management, and keep tabs on your loved one. I do not take this responsibility lightly and it is my privilege to work with every student and their family. You have access to me 24/7 and I am always available to answer any questions, offer insight, and provide guidance where it is needed.

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